African Cucumber Fruit

African Cucumber Fruit

May 30, 2014
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African Cucumber: African Cucumber has a mosaic virus disease induced crystalline enclosure appearance enlargement and dispersal in a sweet peppers with green in color in nature. The African cucumber is a fruit, horned melon or melano, that can be greatest described as melon with horns. It originated in the Kalahari Desert and but now it is present in California and New Zealand. The dark green squash reminds one of bananas, limes, passion fruit and cucumber. It is regularly used for decorating food but also in smoothies and sundaes.

Taste-African cucumber taste has been compared to a combination of cucumber and zucchini or a combination ofbanana, cucumber and lemon. Some eat the shedding as well.. It has a model that does not have horns, but looks and tastes similar. The seeds are covered in a gelatin-like substance. The skin is especially rich in vitamin c and fiber. Before being eaten, adding a small amount of salt or sugar can increase the flavor. However, some people to leave some to decompose in the fields for next summer season seeds/plants.

Look- The horned melon also called African horned cucumber or melon, jelly melon, hedged gourd, English tomato, melano, or kiwano, is an annual creeper in the cucumber and melon family. Its nickname known by as blowfish fruit in Africa – it is grown for its fruit, which looks like an oval melon with spines like horns. The fruit of this plant is edible, but it is used as regularly for decoration as for food. When ripe, it has a yellow-orange skin and a lime green jelly-like flesh.


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